BSL Health Access delivers immediate, on-demand non-emergency access to British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters for communication with Deaf people in health settings free of charge during the current Coronavirus situation.

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Video Relay Services (VRS)

VRS is when a BSL interpreter relays information over a telephone call between a BSL user and the hearing person receiving or making the call.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

VRI is where a remote interpreter is used to facilitate communication with a Deaf and hearing person in the same location.

The same app button is used for both VRS and VRI services.

image of GP looking at laptop with video platform ready to be used.

Simply put and in the main, Deaf BSL users will access both VRS & VRI through the BSL Health Access button on the InterpreterNow App.

Health care professionals will receive a VRS call on an ordinary phone or share the mobile device in a VRI setting.

Healthcare providers can provide mobile devices for patients – to provide this on these devices, you as a provider can download the app by registering here:
The mobile device must have access to the internet.

Please note: during the registration process and if your using your @nhs email address, the activation email/response may be blocked or have been directed to your spam/junk folder.

Providers can also provide laptops where the service ‘BSL Health Access’ can be accessed via a webpage:
The laptop must have access to the internet and have a camera and audio.

A Tech-Spec for network/firewalls can be found here: InterpreterNow Technical Specification no flash (PDF)

As a health care provider, you can contact a Deaf BSL user by calling 03333 444 921 and asking for the person by name. This is ONLY available if the user has registered, downloaded that App and is available to take a call.